Susan Wright incorporates scripture, modern brain science, and all that she has experienced from her own journey of being transformed by Jesus, the Word Himself.

Now with a team who have been trained and equipped.

Meet the Team

Susan D. Wright

Susan is passionate about Jesus; and seeing men and women set free. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas of neuroscience and the adverse effects of trauma on the spirit, soul and body For years Susan has been praying with highly traumatized people and seeing them come into freedom and intimacy with Jesus. She’s had the privilege to travel around the world in ministry since she was 17 years old. Her own journey into a place of freedom has given her compassion and empathy to create a safe place for people to thrive and become who they were designed to be. Empowering others to know Him…that is what she keeps as her focus….to love people into life…so that they can live from their heart not their history!

Mark Brooks

Mark’s greatest desire is to see people of all ages and backgrounds experience a homecoming, and be at rest with themselves, others and every environment they find themselves in. He has been involved in a mix of business & pastoral ministry for over 30 years.

Some 25 years ago Mark started on the journey of the heart, becoming aware that life’s hurts shape how we respond & think, towards ourselves and others. Our inner worlds dictate our external world, leaving us stuck in repetitive unhelpful patterns that can restrict us in the present. This has been Mark’s own experience. On his journey to greater freedom he has acquired coaching skills enabling him to minister heart healing to others, including keys to forgiveness, releasing of judgements, inner vows, freedom from trauma, & shame.

Mark and his wife Melanie with a wonderful team act as hosts to Loved into Life in the UK & Europe.

Melanie Brooks

Melanie brings a beautiful combination of emotion coaching and counseling with (prophetic) insight to her clients. She draws from a background of over 30 years in pastoral care working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Melanie has developed a comprehensive skill set designed to provide an environment where clients can feel safe, and understood. Melanie ministers to hindrances associated with belief systems, responses, behaviours and emotions, anything that gets in the way of an abundant life. She is passionate about seeing individuals connect with who they truly are, not how their history has shaped them. Her own personal 25 year heart journey led her to Loved into Life, learning to live from her heart not her history.

Marsha Cornwell

Marsha has a heart to see all walk in their true identity as beloved children of God. She is a special educator who has attended several ministry schools and has been involved in a variety of prayer ministries. She was drawn to Loved Into Life after hearing Susan speak at a conference. She then attended several weekend retreats at Emmaus Road Ministries where she witnessed others receive, and she personally experienced, Jesus bring life changing transformation.  She is passionate about the freedom and peace it has brought to her own life, as well as family members and friends, and is excited to be part of the LIL team.

Jean Freeborn

Jean was born in Cardiff, South Wales. On leaving school, she commenced a career in administration in the Insurance industry. In 1968, she had a very clear word from God that she was to move to Bath, England to work in an office serving overseas missionaries. In 1982, she and her husband, Kim, were asked to open a European Office for a well known American Bible teaching ministry. Jean was in their employment for 30 years. Having served on the Board of Trustees for various Charities and Ministries, coupled with her experience in administrative roles over many years, she felt a clear call to serve Susan and Loved into Life. It is such a joy for her to see people being healed and set free to be who they were destined to be through Jesus and the finished work of the Cross.

Mary Hanrahan

Mary has worked as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for over ten years now; both before becoming a Christian and after.   Her own healing journey led her to a career change over twelve years ago, when she began her training as a Psychotherapist. Mary describes her job as ‘a gift and privilege to be invited to come alongside someone on the royal road to their healing’. The profound shift came following having some ‘Loved into Life’ sessions herself.  The depth of healing that came in a short space of time radically changed her life and has rippled out into all her relationships and massively impacted her view of what therapy should look like.  Her own experience of ‘Loved into Life’ has given her a passion to be part of others experience in finding this profound and deep heart healing. 

Sarah J Lee MSMHW

Sarah holds a Masters in Mental Health & Wellness. She has been in private practice for over a decade with a passion to point people to Jesus to discover and access  their true self – who God created them to be.
Sarah is married and lives with her husband in Southern Oregon. She has three married children and six grandchildren. She enjoys gardening, paddle boarding and outside activities in the beautiful Rogue Valley as well as spending time with family.
She and her family also run a nonprofit that ministers through retreats, Bible studies, worship nights and other events. www.emmausroadministries.org