We are designed to live an abundant, thriving, love-filled life in union with our Creator. Our Creator wants to do life with us, in us and through us. Jesus died for us to be made totally new and reunited with Him, with others and with ourselves. This is the good news of the finished work of the cross. We are a New Creation: a new species, being daily transformed into that reality–His image.

Loved into life is the transformation process that empowers and prepares people to live into their authentic identity. 

We are designed to thrive and live a healthy, abundant life in union with Jesus. Unfortunately we all have gone through many overwhelming, fearful, unbearable or traumatizing experiences that we couldn’t cope with so we pushed them  down or suppressed them. 

The good news is that Jesus died and made provision for us to be completely transformed by the renewing of our mind (both conscious and subconscious)

Loved Into Life facilitates an opportunity for us to bring the Good News to these stuck places in our hearts that are holding onto any experiences, beliefs, feelings, behaviors, addictions–anything and everything that does not look like Jesus.  

Through the finished work of the cross this transformation releases all that we suppressed into the cross allowing us to receive His free gift. Jesus wants to Love us into life so that we can live from our heart not our history.

The entire process embodies these principles, exchanging truth for lies, forgiving ourselves and others. Repentance, changing the way you think and the way you walk, having a brand new perspective that is the Lord’s perspective. LIL is all about being transformed by the renewing of our mind which requires using all Biblical principles. It is the Gospel.

Our desire in LIL is to empower and equip every individual to be able to facilitate their own freedom in Jesus.

Yes, because all people are created in His image. We can facilitate people to be reconnected to themselves.  Living from their heart not their history.

No you do not need to retell your story. In fact we do not want you to. The wonderful thing about loved into life is that we do not want you to be retraumatised or relive your story by telling it

Anything and everything that doesn’t look like Jesus is an opportunity. We have many beliefs, behaviors, patterns and thoughts that the Lord wants to transform.

In LIL the new experience rewires the brain in a miraculous way. It is all about being transformed through receiving the free gift of the finished work of the cross, and once it is received, it is yours forever. It is finished.

Yes, it is both deep and lasting. Jesus died to completely transform us to the core of who we are. He will permanently change us as deep as we are ready to go.

The definition that we use for trauma at LIL is being ‘all alone without any help’. Anything that is overwhelming, upsetting, triggering and makes you feel all alone without any help will be stored in our subconscious.

Many times when there is a huge disruption we separate into several parts to handle the trauma. The part that we just worked with is finished but other parts may have the same or similar issues.

The left brain is transformed with a new thought; the transformation process for the right brain requires a new experience. In Loved Into Life we facilitate the person to be able to have a new experience integrating themselves and Jesus so that we no longer have to live from the historic unresolved experiences. It is the finished work of the cross.

Most traditional counseling and therapy addresses just the left brain by helping the person to think differently providing behavior modification. Even though it is important to act in a godly manner and way, we do not stop with just the left brain modification but address the feelings, thoughts, behaviors and experiences that are being suppressed.